Waterside Apartments is located by the side of the coast and it is the only building in the village that rents various types of studios in that side. Waterside has 4 types of studio: The sea view first floor studio,the garden sea view deluxe studio, the garden side sea view deluxe studio  and the non sea  view budged studio.

      In our website we advertise the entire business as a whole and quest have the choice to book the type of studio that suits them better but also what is available the dates they required, by their preference.

      Its type of studio and reservation has photographs of the inside and the outside space of the studio. Also at the quests are been provided with additional information about the studio, the type of reservation and Cancellation policy. 

     Guests as well, are always welcome to communicate with us before and after they make their reservation for additional help and information.

     No matter which type of studio the quest chose it is still a waterside building and its still offers to all our quests the use of our unique garden with  direct privet access to the sea below from our property.